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Video selections are from our NeighborWorks Week 2013 What Is Home To You? Video Contest. Thank you to the homeowners of our affiliates Homestead CLT and NeighborWorks Great Falls for sharing their stories!

  Home Matters


When you ask people why home matters, you get a lot of different answers.

  What We Stand For


We are proud to be part of the NeighborWorks network. We stand for strong communities, healthy families, and opportunity.

  The Need for Affordable Housing  
Housing forms the building blocks of a community. The recent housing crisis has illustrated exactly how important stable housing is to the solidity of our neighborhoods and cities. When people don’t have secure housing, their work, school, family life, and even the community suffer. But with a suitable place to live in a safe neighborhood, people are better able to focus on work, health and education and can get to know and help their neighbors. Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, decent, and affordable home.
Why Can’t People Afford a Home?
Sometimes people can’t afford a home because of a disability. People with disabilities often require supportive housing services, yet because of their disabilities have an income too low to support even basic shelter. Community Frameworks develops multifamily apartment homes with supportive services for other organizations throughout the Northwest.

Sometimes people work hard, but still can’t afford to pay for housing and have enough money left over for the basics like groceries, gas, and child care. Community Frameworks provides a hand up for these folks in the form of quality housing with rent they can afford, so that people can live in a decent home and still afford the other things they need.

All cities need teachers, firefighters, police, and service workers, but some places are so expensive that such employees cannot afford to live there. In many towns across the Northwest, Community Frameworks and its affiliates provide a hand up into stability by providing opportunities for self-help homeownership. The “sweat equity” that these families put into their homes allows them to purchase an energy efficient home with monthly payments that are affordable. In this way, communities benefit because their most vital and important workers can afford to live there.

Finally, some people have fallen through the cracks into homelessness. This can happen for many reasons, from job loss to major illness to escape from a domestic violence situation. Community Frameworks works with other organizations across the Northwest to develop places that provide for this most basic of people’s needs: shelter.

  A Life Transformed  
Nena Wheatcroft swore she would never set foot on the property again. Read how her life was transformed at Aspen Grove.

  Nena's Story
Nena Wheatcroft, a resident of Aspen Grove
Read her story.
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