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  Community Frameworks, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and a NeighborWorks® America Chartered Member, is based in Washington State, with offices in Spokane and Bremerton.

Our mission is to create affordable housing as a catalyst to help communities thrive.

To accomplish this mission, we develop affordable multi-family and supportive housing, provide homeownership opportunities for hard working families, and teach and counsel families on budgeting, credit, and homeownership topics. We also work with other nonprofits, by providing technical assistance, financing, or by developing affordable housing for them.

This definition begins with the assumption that it should be possible for working people to afford housing and still have enough money for the basics like groceries, gas, and child care. A home is considered “affordable” if the household is paying no more than 30% of its income toward housing. For a variety of reasons this is not always possible for families, depending on their income and the cost of living in their area. A high cost of living compared to income makes it easy for a family to fall into homelessness due to a job loss or illness.

Organizations who provide affordable housing cater to these clients by developing and providing housing that costs generally no more than 30% of a household’s income. For very low income families, this is often rental housing, but in other cases we can give families a hand up into homeownership. Through homeownership, families can begin to build assets and are better able to improve their own situation.

Affordable housing is generally also constructed and maintained to be safe, decent, and these days, energy efficient. If a home has affordable rent but a huge heating bill in the winter, it is no more affordable than its higher rent counterparts. Likewise, if it contains lead or asbestos, the health risks to the family outweigh its affordability. A safe, decent, affordable, and energy efficient home allows a family to focus on other things, like work, school, and community.

The affordability is generally made possible by a mix of private and public investors, grantors, and lenders.

In 1974, citizens in Spokane, Washington created Northwest Regional Foundation (NRF) to gain a citizen voice in the use of federal Community Development Block Grant money that had become available for the "betterment of communities." With the name later modified to Northwest Regional Facilitators, NRF dedicated its efforts to "helping individuals, groups and communities overcome obstacles and seize opportunities to create their preferred futures.

In the years that followed, NRF focused primarily on affordable housing initiatives, but in keeping with its broad mission, worked in a number of related community development arenas. By 2000, NRF's work had divided into three major areas: Affordable Housing, Family Care Resources and Northwest Nonprofit Resources.

Beginning in 2004, NRF decided to focus directly on its affordable housing strengths, and so spun off its related but separate elements into separate nonprofit organizations.

Known today as Community Frameworks, the organization's primary focus is on housing. Community Frameworks provides services that include affordable rental opportunities, homeownership education and development, affordable housing development services for other organizations, technical assistance to other community housing groups, and pass-through lending to homeownership production programs in the region.
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